Arduino UAVCAN connecting to pixhawk

Hi I’m coming at this problem as a novice so I’m sure I’m missing some fundamentals here so my apologies. I’m going off the 107-Arduino UAVCAN GNSS Node example. The gps module is working and I’m seeing a correct output in the serial monitor. Now this is where I’m missing some things… I’m trying to connect this setup to my pixhawk that’s running ardupilot. I’ve set the parameters up correctly and checked with an off the shelf gps module that uses UAVCAN. When I connect my arduino stack consisting of the MKR Zero, MKR CAN Shield and gps module. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thank you for your time.

The 107-Arduino uavcan library is uavcan v1, which isn’t implemented in ArduPilot and isn’t likely to be any time soon.

It’s true :man_shrugging: . For now 107-Arduino-UAVCAN stays on V1, although possible adoptions of other V’s in the future might be an option. It’s a unpaid volunteer effort and as such I can (and will) only do so much.