A generic term for either Subject or Service

We have Subject ID, which defines the kind of information exchanged using messages, and we have Service ID, which defines the kind of information exchanged using RPC. We need a new term that can refer either or both to Subjects and Services. Initially, I thought that Endpoint would be the way to go, but then I realized that it doesn’t work well if one were to view the network as a computational graph, where subjects are edges and nodes are, well, nodes, because the name implies that there is a point-to-point connection whereas the truth is that we can have a MIMO connection.

How do you describe the point where an edge is connected to a node? Anchor?


  • Junction
  • Tie
  • Attachment
  • Port (maps quite well to Berkeley sockets)

What do you think of “flow” ?

Flow doesn’t work well with services. For now I decided to go with Port, pending further review.

For brainstorming purposes I’d add:


Source: https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/port

Port I like because from a computer science/networking perspective the term is intuitive.

Node 1 serviced Node 32 bound on ports 1223:3221 under service id 82.

Is this intuitive to understand?

Perhaps a Transaction, Procedure or Operation could define a service or subject.

I like “Subject Port” and “Service Port”, it even sounds better than “Subject ID” and “Service ID”. If we choose port we could refrain from using ID in the specification. When we speak of a concrete number we could call it “Subject Port number” or “Port Number”.

Purely for brainstorming purposes let me throw in this:


my preferences:

  • channel
  • port
  • subject or service (i.e. no special term)


  • chunnel
  • ATMSSBWBSSLTWCAOT (Acronym That Means Subject or Service But We Bike-Shedded So Long That We Couldn’t Agree On a Term)
  • kl;fdgh (some random charaters my cat typed when walking across my keyboard)


Let it be PORT.