Yakut file-server Updating & Node Restart

Howdy all,

I have some questions I’m looking to answer, both around Yakut and the file-server command to update nodes.

  • Does this file-server force a restart after serving the entire update file? i.e. sending a uavcan.node.ExecuteCommand to restart the node?

  • If it does not, what is the intended pattern for communicating update is complete? Is there a method to communicate the firmware update is done using the Public message definitions?

  • If the Node is expected to restart itself, is there a way for the file-server job to end? Either by limiting the number of times it serves and update or timeout?

Thank you in advanced for the help,
Michael Moreland

No. The file server does not drive the process; it merely responds to file read requests and as such it can’t know with certainty when the file transfer is completed. The node is responsible for doing the right thing after the file transfer is done (which does not necessarily require a restart, depending on the implementation).

There is none. Some bootloaders emit diagnostic log messages during the process but this is intended for human consumption.

Currently, there is no built-in way of doing so in Yakut, but the standard GNU utils can do the job just fine; e.g., using timeout(1) - Linux manual page

Wonderful thank you!