Which libuavcan branch for new project

Hi all,

i was starting to integrate uavcan in my project. First i cloned the master branch but than i saw that the uavcan_v1.0 is even more active in terms of commits. While reading here i found out that there is a general change from V0 to V1 on going. So which branch do u recomment to get started with integrating uavcan in my project?



V0 is functional, proven, and deployed but is slated to become a legacy protocol in 2020. V1 is nearing completion but is not quite ready yet. I’d use v0 but read up on v1 to understand what will be changing next year.


Thanks. I’ll start with v0. I assume it’s still the master branch which is v0?

For Libuavcan, for now, yes. When v1 is usable, the current v0 master will be forked into a new branch named legacy-v0, as we did with PyUAVCAN and public regulated data types, and the new master will contain the v1.

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Ok fine. I’ll go for the master. And check what’s going on next year.