Use libcanard for UAVCAN v0 (legacy)

Our customer would use UAVCAN v0 for their product communication,we shall provide them with our motor driver,which should support UAVCAN protocol. For now, I have learned that libcanard( is a good lib for developing,but it is for UAVCAN V1 version only.
So I want to know if it(libcanard) could be ported to fit the V0 protocol?And what are the main changes? The hardware platform is a TI chip F28388X.
Thank you in advance!

I’ve used libcanard for v0, but with some minor bug-corrections. libcanard for v0 was broken a while ago.
I believe v0 is located here


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Thank you very much.I will try it soon.


The main code example demo.c in the “libcanard-0.2\tests” folder is very long… There is another example? I’m stuck in the canardGetLocalNodeID() function.