Uavcanv1-cyphal application

Hello everyone, I started an internship in a company and I am just starting to learn this uavcan v1. I would like you to answer with an explanatory language as help. my question is :
I have created a project using the px4 autopilot. the project is as follows:
I came out of px4 and connected to the pwm card with CAN, then I generated a pwm signal on this card and connected to the tower pro micro servo motor that everyone knows. the point I want help from you is how can I create this communication with the cyphal protocol. since I am new, I would appreciate it if you write in an explanatory language. thank you very much in advance. wish you good work.
(stm32f103xxxx mcu is used in servo card).

Please start here:

Come back with specific questions if you have any. Good luck!

So let me further customise my question, the software inside the pwm generator card I am using now is written with normal can communication. Will I only change the can section in this code or will I change the can and pwm sections, I would appreciate it if you explain it at a simple level.

What’s the name of your company so that I may quote a proper consultation fee? :grin: Ill even take care of your task for you. All in exchange for a small fee :joy:

if u want 1$ send message to me. :wink:

Since neither I nor anyone else is taking on charity cases I wish you the best of luck for your project :bowing_man: .