Uavcan v0 found data transfer reversal

In this case we found that

data: 21 50 21 8d f8 05 10
data: 4f f0 03 02 14 bf 44

transfer reversal, then data decode error.
how can I process this case?
I think protocol stack need consider data order.

Of course the protocol is aware of basic things like frame transmission ordering. Your case looks like a typical priority inversion problem. Please tell us how do you manage the transmission queue in your CAN driver? Can you share the code here?

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We use like this:


What CAN controller are you using? Perhaps the inversion is happening within it. Try also to reduce the number of frames enqueued inside the socket from the default 2 to 1 (see max_frames_in_socket_tx_queue):


I doubt there are issues in the M_CAN driver but then again, you never know.

You are dealing with an inner priority inversion problem. It is not really specific to UAVCAN. There are two things to try:

  • Reduce the number of enqueued frames to 1 as suggested above. The default should actually be updated in the sources; if you could submit a pull request that would be appreciated.

  • Inspect the sources of the M_CAN driver (which are rather massive) to see if the TX queue management is implemented correctly. Maybe reach out to the maintainers.

Is that means make change

SocketCanIface(const SystemClock& clock, int socket_fd, int max_frames_in_socket_tx_queue = 1)

as a PR?



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