UAVCAN tx pin not working


I’m trying to configure mag sensor with uavcan interface. I’m using stm32 nucleo f413 board for this interfacing. I’ve configured uavcan stack, timers everything properly.

My CAN node is not able to get dynamic node allocated. After analyzing in depth, I’ve found out that CAN is not transmitting the data properly, even though frame data are correct. I’m getting CAN transmit error interrupts continuously. Below is the image of CAN tx pin.

NOTE: CAN node is able to read the data transmitted by the ardupilot and able to decode it. This means rx pin is working properly.

Please let me know if there are any particular configurations to be done for tx pin.


Similar issues are known to appear when the Alternate Function of the CAN TX GPIO pin is not set correctly. Look into that maybe.

I’ve checked it and it is configured correctly. Only Tx is not working, Rx is working fine.