Uavcan::Subscriber subscribes and starts successfully, but cannot enter its corresponding callback function

Hello everyone, I used the Release 2.0 version of the zubax_gnss project, which works very well. I recently saw the latest master version and tried to use it. I found that one problem is that my program can be assigned nodes. , can also continuously send node status information, indicating that the hardware is normal, but can not enter my custom callback function, what is the reason for this?

I am not sure I fully understand the question. Can you post your code, please?

Thanks Pavel for answering my question. I found some differences in the init function in the zubax_gnss/firmware/src/node.cpp file. The master version has a configureCanAcanceanceFilters configuration filter function. I temporarily mask the filter configuration. I can enter my custom callback function; I will study your filter code in detail later.