Is the Zubax and @olliw42’s UC4H the only option for UAVACAN ESCs?

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Holybro will be launching a UAVCAN ESC soon (this Summer)

I am aware of at least the following options (including already mentioned):

If you’re also interested in UAVCAN servos, see this discussion:

@pavel.kirienko Can we start a wiki where this sort of info can be kept?

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Eh, I don’t think it’s going to work out that well, but you are most welcome to lead this effort.

I was afraid you were going to say that. BTW, I took a look at the Sadulli. Seem like adding a 25 or 30mm tube mount and it’s be good to go. I’m off to Fusion to see about getting that done.

Well, there is already 3d printed 14mm tube mount, that works quiet well when printed with PETG.
You don’t really need 25 or 30mm diameter beams for sadulli, as its thrust is not that great.
But I definetly can help you with mounting sadulli to anything you’d like, just contact me anyhow and show what you have in mind.

I see now that at a max of 500W, that’s be less than 20A @ 6S, so yeah, that isn’t getting you much on a craft that needs 25 to 30mm arms. Further looking in to things, something like a 2212/920 (the old DJI E300) has a draw that maxes out around 10A @ 4s; that would work. In searching motors that max out at 500W, I came across this Hacker motor. It has an overall diameter of 37.2mm which will fit on the Sadulli’s 37.6mm diameter top.

It is not represented in the repository in the most obvious way, but there are two options for the sadulli, low power and light one, sadulli piccino which is equipped with sunnysky v4006 motor and high power and heavy one sadulli grosso - with sunnysky v4014 motor.
You may expect up to about 2kg of thrust from piccino with 15 inch prop and up to 4kg - from grosso with 17 inch prop. Though this is max thrust and efficiency is not the best in this case.
These propellers tend to be much more efficient with low RPM(less than 3000RPM). For high endurance drone you should keep that in mind

Is anyone actually making the Sadulli or will I have to mill them on my own?

Zubax is manufacturing the Sadulli. The first considerable batch(but still not so big) is expected by the end of May.

Hi everyone,

I have Bamocar D3 ESC.
This ESC manual doesn’t say anything about UAVCAN support. Here is what the manual says about CAN BUS connections:
“Optimum conditions are achieved with CNC controls and CAN components of LABOD electronic or
CAN Open.
Programming and operation by means of the control panel via the CAN-BUS.
Interface complies with the standard ISO 11898.
Adjustment and programming see Manual NDrive and -CAN Manual.”

I want to send and receive CAN messages to/from this ESC from PixHawk (PX4 autopilot). What can be the best approach for me? Should UAVCAN application be sufficient or will I have to write some interface to use some can driver of PX4 (Nuttx CAN Driver)? If I have to write some interface, can you please help me with the right approach?

Kindly help.
Many Thanks

The linked device does not support UAVCAN, so you will need to implement your own driver.

Please direct your PX4-related questions to the PX4 support forum: This project is not related to PX4 or any other autopilot platform.