UAVCAN CLI control on RPi over SSH

I would like to use the CLI to send a new RPM to the Motor. There are examples of a command line.

Example for v0:

Example for v1 (please remove the unnecessary functionality and add a publisher for regulated.zubax.actuator.esc.RatiometricSetpoint.0.1 or its RPM alternative):

it need Python script? Can’t directly set from the command line (CLI)?
Did I correctly interpret the answer?

I am not aware of any standalone CLI tools that can be used for that. You may be interested in the UAVCAN GUI tool – it’s not a CLI application, but it does have the functionality you seem to be looking for.

I do not have a display on the RPI. :). I wanted to check the controller Myxa for quick. I have it connected to the RPI. python3 is so python3. I’ll look at the candump and make for me CLI command.

To work with UAVCAN Myxa i need to know the dictionary DSDL. Where can I find the entire dictionary for Myxa? Watching all the DSDL keys in the Kucher is not very convenient.

There are no dictionaries in UAVCAN, there are types and namespaces. Zubax Myxa relies only on the standard namespace uavcan. If you have questions about Myxa, it’s best to visit the Zubax support forum.

I do not understand the meaning of CLI. Can you describe at least one example with the CLI from real life? For the study of the UAVCAN, I have two RPI and two SLCAN. I want to connect them. In V1.0 I do not find RPM type.

RatiometricSetpoint is [-512, 511] very little.

I have Motor -45000…45000 RPM.

The RPM type for v1 is regulated.zubax.actuator.esc.AngVelSetpoint.

The examples I linked above should help you get started.

“velocity of the motor in rad/s.”
We do not use rad/s.
Why is it in the zubax category? It looks very biased and not abstract.
I can place the parameters in my category.
Will you add my company to your git?
I think RPM and … is not for this topic “CLI”. :slight_smile: