Testing the robustness of a sensorless drive spinup configuration using Yakut

First, set the setpoint timeout to a large value, say, 5 seconds (this one depends on the type of the ESC used) (125 is the node-ID of the ESC):

y r 125 mns.deadman_timeout 5.0
y r 125 mns.setpoint_index  0
y cmd 125 restart

Then publish some setpoint every 8 seconds to let the motor restart repeatedly:

y -v pub -T 8.0 10:reg.udral.service.common.readiness 3 25:zubax.telega.setpoint.raw9x6 '[100, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]'

The motor will be stopped automatically in 5 seconds from the last setpoint due to the expiration of the setpoint timeout. After 3 seconds of idling, it will be restarted again by the next setpoint message.

Monitor the status in a separate terminal:

y sub 10:reg.udral.service.common.readiness 130:reg.udral.service.actuator.common.status 100:reg.udral.service.actuator.common.feedback