PyUAVCAN v1.1.dev3 is available

I just merged #132, which fixed eight outstanding issues and introduced a couple of UX improvements. All these have been discussed on this forum and on GitHub a number of times. This release is fully compliant with Specification v1.0-beta.

Grab your copy from PyPI:

pip install pyuavcan[transport_serial,cli]

Just tried it out, still got issues, just a bit different as described here.

$ pyuavcan publish 32085.uavcan.node.Heartbeat.1.0 '{uptime: 9876, health: 0, mode: 3, vendor_specific_status_code: 5}' --tr='CAN("vcan0",8),13)'
Error: TypeError: Invalid format: cannot update an instance of type 'Health_1_0' from value of type 'int'

Yup, it’s by design. You are saying:

{uptime: 9876, health: 0, mode: 3, vendor_specific_status_code: 5}

But the correct form is:

{uptime: 9876, health: {value: 0}, mode: {value: 3}, vendor_specific_status_code: 5}

The error message is saying that it expected {value: X} but got just X.

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