PX4 do not response to my Dynamic node ID client

Hello. I created DynamicNodeIDClient on my device according to tutorial. It work with GUI Tool. But PX4 ignore my node and DynamicNodeIDClient spin.
Does px4 any specific conditions for the DynamicNodeIDClient, that are not described in the tutorials? Or my program is incorrect?

PX4-related questions are better asked on the PX4 forum:

I think you just need to enable the UAVCAN node-ID allocation server on the PX4. IIRC it is done with uavcan fw start or something like that.

Mode of uavcan is automatic sensors detection, uavcan is running. I remember the sdcard is not inserted. Think problem is there. If its’ true, I’m stupid. Tomorrow will try.

Yes, connecting of sd-card solved the problem. Node getting ID. Thanks for the attention(!!!) and sorry for the stupid post.

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