Problems with adding dsdl

I created a message with ID 6144 and described it in the dsdl schema. The device publishes it. As I understand it, in order for Yukon to see it, you need to upload your schemas to “DSDL search directories”. When I try to do this, the console throws errors. How to deal with this??

24-02-26 10:05:23 E: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "yukon\services\", line 1108, in setting_was_changed
found_descendant.value = value
File "yukon\domain\", line 161, in value
File "yukon\domain\", line 133, in bubble_react
File "yukon\domain\", line 131, in bubble_react
File "yukon\domain\", line 20, in send
self._callback(*args, **kwargs)
File "yukon\services\", line 263, in _handle_dsdl_path_change
real_dsdl_path_str = dsdl_path["value"].value
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'value'

Even if you try to add standard public_regulated_data_types, this error is still returned.

Please don’t do that. This ID is reserved for non-standard public regulated data types. See GitHub - OpenCyphal/public_regulated_data_types: Regulated DSDL definitions for Cyphal (standard and third-party)

Yukon does not support unregulated fixed port-IDs at the moment; this is intentional as fixed port-IDs are prone to causing numerous design issues. More on this here:

Then I have to ask for your help. When using “Unregulated identifiers” I am getting an error from Nunavut. What am I doing wrong?

pydsdl._data_type_builder.UnregulatedFixedPortIDError: D:/DSDL/testorg/actuators/esc/6000.Testcontrol.0.1.dsdl: Regulated port ID 6000 for message type 'testorg.actuators.esc.Testcontrol' is not valid. Consider using allow_unregulated_fixed_port_id.

The description allow_unregulated_fixed_port_id has:

Do not reject unregulated fixed port identifiers.This is a dangerous feature that must not be used unless you understand the risks. The background information is provided in the Cyphal specification.

Why does disconnection carry risks?? After all, Unregulated identifiers serve to compile their own “Castoms” messages.

Or are they just intended for use in “closed projects”??

You will find the answers in the links I posted in my previous response. I do not recommend using fixed port-IDs for anything but the standard messages. For your custom topics you need to use configurable port-IDs; if you feel like you need a fixed port-ID, it usually indicates that your design has issues.