Nunavut does not produce the data type signature

command: nnvg --target-language c …
The output c header files do not contain the data type signature which is used for frame crc calculation,
so how to use this dsdl tool ?


UAVCAN v1 does not use data type signatures.

The signature is used to calculate crc in the code of c++ libuavcan and libcanard,
is there some options to make Nunavut compatible with the signature?
or which dsdl compiler can I use if the signature is needed?

OK, the problem is that the uavcan library I used is based on UAVCAN v0, now I want to refine the app code not using the uavcan library but only the compiled dsdl. is Nunavut compatible with UAVCAN v0?

Nunavut is only compatible with v1.

Thanks Pavel.
I found the v1 bit order is opposite with v0 when not byte aligned, which is not compatible.
so is there any document for the changes from v0 to v1?

Yes, it is here: The Cyphal Guide - Applications & Usage - OpenCyphal Forum