Nunavut 1.0 release is defined

We are hoping to release Nunavut 1.0 before the end of the year. See github milestone 1 for the remaining list of issues. Mostly trivial issues that we know about are remaining with one major issue to resolve.

This release will provide the following features:

  1. Stable, intrinsic support for generating C from dsdl
  2. Experimental support for generating C++ from dsdl (this will evolve with breaking changes so…experimental!)
  3. Stable JINJA2-based template language for creating custom transformations from dsdl source.

Known issues will include:

  1. Very slow performance due to pydsdl issue 23
  2. C++ support incomplete

Please dive into any github milestone 1 issue that is not already assigned and log any issues you think should block a stable release now (or forever hold your peace).


The release is running a few days late but the work is done. We’re just making our way though PRs and testing. Sorry and check back next week.


Oh, good lord. Sorry I forgot to update this thread. This was released back in December and is available on Pypi.