Magnetometer UAVCAN v1 for PX4

I’m developing a magnetometer sensor board that can interface to PX4 over UAVCAN.
I would like to use UAVCAN v1 but I was wondering if this is even supported right now.
It seems like the 1002.MagneticFieldStrength2.uavcan data type is just for UAVCAN v0 and that there is no implementation yet for a magnetometer over UAVCAN v1 for PX4.

I currently have a working driver on my STM32L432KBU6, reading from a QMC5883L sensor over I2C.
I want to package the data now so the PX4 can read the data over UAVCAN.
Is it possible right now to use v1 or should I try to implement the old UAVCAN?
Thank you very much for any help.

Not sure about PX4 but the corresponding data type for v1 would be

If there is no support for magnetometers in PX4 yet, it is trivial to add. Using the old UAVCAN would be a mistake at this point.

Thank you, I’ll look into that!