Libcanard Pushing to TX Queue

Hi all,
I am writing a program in the STM32CubeIDE using UAVCAN. I am new to STM processors and to the UAVCAN protocol. I am using the libcanard canard.c and canard.h files. In canard.c, I see a function for popping data off the tx queue (canardPopTxQueue). However, I don’t see a function for pushing data onto the queue. How can you put data in the queue?

It’s worth noting that you are using the legacy version of the library (and the protocol). New applications should adopt UAVCAN v1.

In legacy-v0, you push items onto the queue by invoking canardBroadcast or canardRequestOrRespond.

Thanks for the quick and concise response! You’re right, I should take a look at v1.