Libcanard on zubax babel

I’m trying to get libacanard running on the zubax babel.
A bit of information is missing about setting up the board.
i.e. xtal frequency and clock setup.
HSE_VALUE is 16000000 but what does that refer to in the clock setup?
i.e. is it using pll, or just direct 16Mhz xtal with no pll and system clock 16Mhz as well?
Basically when looking at the clock diagram (using cube mx) what is t he external xtal frequency, system clock selection (hsi,hse,pllclk) , pll source (hsi,hse) , pll multiplier.
Or just let me know what the desired sysclk is and the xtal frequency?
The basic start up code may be simple, but having a schematic is needed to know what to do.


I guess I have already answered you on zubax forum. Lets use that thread.
But just in case here is the schematic.
babel.pdf (58.2 KB)