Libcanard on mcp2517/mcp2518

HI all,
I hope everyone is coping with part shortages ok.
We have come across a stumbling block for newly developed products where we cannot get STM parts with 3CAN bus or pretty much any CAN bus.
However we do have some STM in stock so we plan to use the mcp2518 (or 2517) as external SPI device for CAN interface. At this point we are still only using standard CAN and not CANFD, but we want the ability to change to CANFD later when it becomes dominant.
So what I am looking for is any STM based implementations of libcanard for the mcp2518(2517). Has anyone done something like this?
We will be adding 4 CAN ports, but any implementation examples would be good.

Hi @kent.martin :wave: :coffee:

107-Arduino-MCP2515 is an Arduino library which is ready to be used directly with libcanard frames. The IO interface is pretty high-level and not bound to Arduino-like concepts so you should be able to rewrite it pretty fast to work on your platform.

Unfortunately the MCP2515 does not support CAN FD but if you need something quick to try out stuff this might be a good starting point. Lastly, @generationmake has been working on a MCP2518 Shield so its not inconceivable that a high-quality MCP2518 Arduino library will be developed at some point within 107-systems.

Cheers, Alex