How to debug via printf()?

Hello. I have some problems with my node, so i want to see debug information. Library has this functionality. I defined UAVCAN_DEBUG 1 and UAVCAN_USE_EXTERNAL_SNPRINTF 1 for adding function for embedded system. But, UAVCAN_DEBUG uses UAVCAN_TOSTRING, which not supported for embedded systems. What should I do? Thanks!
I using:

This feature is incompatible with embedded systems. I recommend printing things manually. If you are desperate to access private member variables, use the public morozov design pattern.

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Okay, may be I can use other abilities of the library? For example, via uavcan (log messages)? My node can running and publicating service messages.

Log messages won’t help you here. Roll up your sleeves and output the data you need manually. UAVCAN_DEBUG is intended mostly for the developers of the library; it is not supposed to be used in a production application.

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