How can I get the official translation license?


In order to facilitate our small-scale communication, I have translated the UAVCAN specification into Chinese.

I want to publish it on my github and blog. How can I get the official translation license?

Or I can just post it for communication?

Hi there. Great stuff. :fire:

Could you please clarify what are you referring to as the “official translation license”? Is it just permission to publish your translation?

Also, the Specification is kind of a work-in-progress still, we expect certain minor additions to be implemented in the near future. In particular, the following issues are expected to alter the document, but the scope of these changes is very narrow:

What particular revision of the document did you base your translation upon?

Yes, I need the permission to publish the translation.
I based on the so-called v0.
My product based on the PX4 Firmware v1.8.2 . So, I need to port the v0 first.
The MCU is a new ASIC , it’s not the stm32h7, but daul-core cortex-m7 inside.
It has four CAN interfaces, but only CAN2.0B is supported(even not supported CAN FD).
I’m going to support Zubax Orel 20 first, then upgrade to V1 step-by-step.

Zubax Orel 20 has been redesigned by me and called the COOLESC。
I’ll open source it as soon as it’s done.
The COOLESC uses the low-cost chips made in China. Maybe less than two or three dollars。

Okay! Please publish. Just to be sure, at the risk of being redundant here I would like to ask you to keep explicit references to around. Also, please make it clear that Specification v1.0-alpha is already available and will soon become the official long-term stable version of the protocol, so new designs should be based on v1.0 rather than v0. We do expect v0 to hang around for quite some time though because there are many legacy systems out there already.

Can you please share a link here so that we could have a look? Page @jinger26

Impressive, please keep us in the loop. You should know that we have migration of Sapog to UAVCAN v1.0 on the roadmap, too, and we could use help with that.

I built a repository on github.

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Thank you!

I think there is no point endorsing a v0 translation, but if you decided to also translate the v1 specification, we could perhaps find a way to feature it alongside the English version on the main website. Let us know if you would like to pursue this in the future.