Guitool 2021 - path to user dsdl files

Hello Pavel.

Thanks a lot for updating GuiTool, it has a long-awaited useful option - choosing a folder for user dsdl files. But it’s a pity that the path to the dsdl files has to be specified every time you run guitool.
Several related questions about the guitool utility have come up:

  1. Is it possible to remember the path to user dsdl files?
  2. Or maybe it is possible to move them manually to the internal directory of the guitool utility?
    (Moving user files to the directory: \ guitol \ Lib \ uavcan \ dsdl_files \ uavcan \ gives a positive effect only on the “Can bus monitor” window, the message is not displayed in the “Subscriber” window !!!)


Hi Maxim,

I think your best bet is to send us a pull request fixing these issues. Nobody is actively working on the old tool at the moment but we are still maintaining it in the form of accepting contributions. If you require commercial support, consider reaching out to

Hello Maxim,

I am working on the tool and have already implemented some improvements, for example fixed CAN bitrates instead of dubious numbers. I think it’s possible to add some kind of settings for user dsdl files, but I’m not sure if it will work for executable Python module.