Get libcanard code with git submodule update is not newest code

Hi Here is my issue:

  1. I create a .gitmodule file in my project path.

[submodule “libcanard”]
path = libcanard
url =

  1. when I use command:
    $ git submodule update --init --recursive

I get the code is not newest, here is the newest patch:

acommit c3822b37d4dcd690d4d85fe5330b0880c9b9f57c
Author: Pavel Kirienko
Date: Sun Aug 19 11:27:52 2018 +0300

STM32 driver README update

The driver is tested against STM32F446

and when I use command in libcanrd patch:
$ git pull orign master
Then I get newest code.

So I want to know is that use
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
could get newest code? or it is a release code?

The proper way to add a git submodule is to run git submodule add <url> [directory]. Do not edit the submodule file manually. Refer to the git docs for more info.

Thank your pavel.kirienko
I said something wrong, I did not touch .gitmodule.
problem have been solved.
I called execute_process in my cmake to update codes from github.
Thank you