FirmfareUpdate. File reading failed

Hello. I have a trouble in firmware updating through GUI tool. I get request for firmware updating with OK, get File Info with OK. Then file reading begins. In bus monitor I see, that first 1024 bytes (4 packets with 256 bytes) read with Ok. And EOT error happens at 5th packet File Read request. I need retrying Begin FW update request again with last offset value. Is its true? I cannot read file full at one BeginFWupdate request. Why?

This could be caused by the CAN hardware being unable to keep up with the traffic. What USB-CAN bridge are you using?

The firmware update process is designed to be atomic and non-recoverable. Once failed, you can’t continue from the same point later, you have to start from scratch.

Hello, I use 1000000 kbps speed. Maybe its causes troubles. Hmm… Contrary to your words, i can to initiate BeginFW operation again from my code, and complete file reading starting from last valid offset value. This trick works, but this way is not nice.
I control each reading iteration, and if it will be fail, I save last success offset value. Then I initiate BFWU request again (starting from last valid offset address), while full file is not read.