Electron CAN from Octanis Instruments (moved from #229)

Hello. I’m currently working on a javascript only implementation of uavcan protocol and sl-can as a webservice that will allow to monitor the bus from any webbrowser (using websocket).
This is still a very early stage but currently we are able to serialize and parse the data and I guess in once month it will look more finished but here is a small screen snapshot of the current state:

The project is here and have 2 dependencies


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I’m working on the UAVCAN scanner that will allow to have a webbrowser that connects to a websocket and interract with the CAN bus.

In order to test I have a packet generator and you may see the result on


There are 3 tabs:

  • global overview with all the nodes that announce them self at least 1/s
  • packet view (you may click on a line for detailed information)
  • data view (you may also click on a line)

The first page is at least mobile friendly the goal being that in can work with RPi and the touch screen.

If you want to contribute just contact. You may also suggest the main information you would like to see on the home screen.

This is awesome, thanks @lpatiny. I am wondering if it is possible to join our efforts on Yukon? We are discussing things as we go in this thread, the work is led by @Zarkopafilis: Yukon UI & Rest API