Documentation of Nunavut migration

I am trying to update the Nunavut Version inside of Nunaweb from 1.3.0 to the current 2.1.1 (see: nunaserver/requirements.txt).

Right now I have my difficulties with the implementation of the rewritten LanguageContextBuilder() (here: LanguageContext()) inside of the as it would probably require mingling with the code of Nunavut (such as the

@scottdixon could you provide the documentation to the migration of Nunavut from 1.x.x to 2.x.x ?

Thank you in advance!

Sorry but there was no migration doc written. I’m not exactly sure what your difficulty is but you might try looking at the CLI runner (nunavut/src/nunavut/cli/ at main · OpenCyphal/nunavut · GitHub) since this is a high-level python integration that works directly with the generators given a set of input parameters. Perhaps we just need a more generic runner for nunaweb?