Data Type Singature

Good day!
How can I generate data_type_signature which is hex code for standard data types:
ardupilot.gnss.Heading(.Status, .MovingBaselineData);
ardupilot.indication.SafetyState(.Button, .NotifyState) like for the standard data type uavcan.protocol.GetNodeInfo (0xee468a8121c46a9e)?
I suspect not, because the listed data types are already used with UAVCAN1 (DroneCAN)
and the Type Signature parameter is no longer used as it was in UAVCAN0?
I’m right?

What you are referring to is the legacy protocol called UAVCAN v0, also known as DroneCAN. This forum is mostly dedicated to the next generation solution called Cyphal, formerly UAVCAN v1. The differences between the two are outlined in this article: Cyphal vs. DroneCAN

DroneCAN still requires the data type signature and it can be computed using this script: libcanard/ at master · dronecan/libcanard · GitHub. For further information I recommend contacting the DroneCAN maintainers directly.

Thank you very much for your help and quick response.

Good day!
I’m using the script you provided: libcanard/ at master dronecan/libcanard GitHub 3.
I include the pyuavcan-v0 package (1.0.0.dev35). This is the (legacy) implementation of UAVCAN/CAN v0 in Python. I get a list of Type Signature.
But here is the problem. The list does not contain a label for ardupilot standard data types.

I don’t mind answering questions, but why don’t you ask the DroneCAN maintainers for help? Even though I wrote the script, it is theirs to maintain now.

The reason the ArduPilot namespace is missing is that it is not included in your build of PyDroneCAN. DSDL management in DroneCAN is somewhat deficient, which leads to issues of this kind.

Ok. Sorry for the inconvenience.