CAN termination resistor

How to enable or disable CAN termination resistor in Libcanard project?

Libcanard (or any other implementation known to man) does not concern itself with the physical layer, so you can’t do that.

In Zubax Babel Datasheet (pag 5) it is written:
“The device has an embedded 120 ohm CAN termination resistor that can be enable and disabled by setting the configuration can.termiantor_on”
I thought the same functionality was also implemented in the Libcanard library because it uses the same hardware. It’s incorrect?

Libcanard is hardware-agnostic, so saying that it uses any particular hardware is incorrect. The hardware abstraction interface does not support CAN termination resistor configuration.

Can you tell which PIN the uC on Zubax is connected to CAN termination resistor configuration?

If you’re referring to Zubax Babel, the pin is number 20, Port B, bit 2.