Bare metal libuavcan v0 on stm32f412

Hello everybody! I using custom plate with stm32f412 and two TJA1051TK/3. I created program using libuavcan v0 without rtos (bare metal). Program allow dynamic id allocation, adjusting parameters and remote reboot. I use SW Cube IDE, init code is autogenerated. This method and this program tested on stm32f103 (but with one CAN) and its work. But ported code not work on f412. As I see, all necessary adjustments were made: in chip.h, low signal on S-pin of CAN module. But, it isn’t work and I dont understand why. Debugger shows correct work, no errors.
To the TXD pin come this signal:
On the RXD pin high state.
CAN_H and CAN_L pulled to zero.
Whats mistake?