allocator.getBlockCapacity() is jumping to exceptional handler


During initialization of uavcan, execution is jumping to exception handler by executing the function allocator.getBlockCapacity(). This function is called by the constructor CanIOManager::CanIOManager().

I’ve tried varying the memory size of both MemPoolBlockSize and NodePoolSize but couldn’t find a solution.

What else could go wrong here?

Literally anything. Stack overflow, a bona fide interrupt, memory corruption, heavy particles from outer space, glitch in the Matrix, I don’t even know.

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Are there any documents available to configure uavcan memory requirements?
Like modifying linkers, ram specific settings etc.

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If you run on PC try valgrind, if you run bare-metal on any Cortex-M try How to debug a HardFault on an ARM Cortex-M MCU | Interrupt to identify the instruction triggering the exception.

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